Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Become PayDotCom Merchants' Affiliate Program

After register to Affiliate Network PayDotCom, now we learn how to become affiliate of merchants in PayDotCom which sells digital product such as ebook, course, software. Here are the steps:
1. Login to Enter your username and password.
Account that we make in PayDotCom can function as affiliate, and can also work as a vendor or a merchant. If we only want to become affiliate, we only need to know the statistics that associated with the affiliate. If we are not a vendor in PayDotCom, we do not need to buy a "Premier" Package.

2. To promote the products as an affiliate, select Promote Product then choose From Marketplace (in Create a new campaign). We can see various categories in PayDotCom and choose one of the categories in accordance with the niche we select.

3. Click the category of your choise, then the product will appear in the category from the most popular.
- Link Visit Salespage used when we want to see the merchant website.
- APS is relative calculation of the number that show how many people purchase the product.
- If we want to sign up as an affiliate to the merchant and registered to the list of products that we promote, click the button Promote

4. Select products we want to promote. Then we can see more detail about the product, price, commission, statistics from the campaign and affiliate link standard (the default campaign).

5. After we find products that is suitable for promotion, click on the text create new campaign. Fill in name and details of the campaign.
For example:
name: direct linking with adwords
description : get visitor using PPC Adwords direct linking to merchant website.
Then press submit button.

6. We can see the campaign name and the description. For every product we can make campaign as much as we want. Make sure to give the name and description for each campaign, so we can distinguish a campaign with one another.

7. To see the list of products or affiliate that is listed, click Promote Products menu, select as an affiliate. We can't remove the merchant or the product in which we have joined (sign up) but we can hide them by clicking the text link hide. If we want to see alist of campaign that we have created for a particular merchant, click the link create text / view campaigns.

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Monday, December 15, 2008

Sign Up to PayDotCom Affiliate Network

PayDotCom is a popular affiliate network that focus on digital product such as ebook, course, and software. This is different from Shareasale which sell physical products. PayDotCom is an affiliate marketing that integrated with our paypal account, but if we have no paypal, we can choose check for the payment. In paydotcom we can choose whether we want to become a vendor or become an affiliate.

If you become a vendor that means you sell your products and services through online marketplace and let PayDotCom take care of all your affiliate needs. If you become an affiliate, you can promote products in PayDotCom marketplace and earn commissions. The earn sales commissions is from 5% to 80% by linking customers to your favorite choice of products and services in the PayDotCom marketplace.

Here are steps how to registration to Paydotcom:
1. Open Paydotcom website. Click sign up.
2. Fill in your data
a. Account Information: fill in your email address, choose a username, and choose a password.
b. Personal Information: fill in your name, business name, make check payable to, address, city, state / province / religion, portal / zip code, country, phone, social security or tax id number (only for US residents).
c. Payment Processors Information
If you want to be payment through PayPal please fill in your PayPal email, promotion code, and please give a mark on vendors if you have your product sales and give a mark on affiliates if you make promotions for other's. After that give marks on recieve inbox notifications and I agree to the Terms and Conditions.
Then type the letters or numbers that appear on your screen monitor (human verification). Click Start making money today with PayDotCom!

3. There are some interesting quotes such as discon $720 credit fee bonus, and for the purchase of three software: Butterfly Marketing Manuscript, Powerlink Generator and Viral Friend Generator. If you are interested, click yes and you can pay via PayPal. If you are not interested, just click no and then click to continue.

4. Email confirmation
Please check your email and confirm that you have registered and logged in to the PayDotCom menu.
Congratulations you have successfully registered to PayDotCom.

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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

How to Become ShareASale Merchants' Affiliate Program

This article is a continuation of the article How to be an Affiliate in ShareASale. After being an affiliate in ShareASale, now we learn how to become ShareASale Merchants' affiliate program. We can join this program if ShareASale received our application.

Step 1. Login to
Use your username and password

Step 2. Click View and Search Merchant List menu
In ShareASale, we could search merchants with a variety of criteria.
a. A new program in the last 20 days
If we choose this, the benefit is not too much competition wuth other affiliate.

b. All programs
If we click it, we could see all the programs, but this requires a long time for loading.

c, Pay-per-Sale
If we click it, we could see the merchants who have Pay-per-Sale affiliate program. We will recieve the commission if we successfully make the sale. Most of merchants use this PPS program.

d. Pay-per-Lead
If we clicked it, we will see the merchants who have Pay-per-Lead (PPL) affiliate program or also called CPA (Cost Per Action). We will get commissions if the visitors became leads (prospects).

e. Pay-per-Click
If we click this, we will see Pay-per-Click Affiliate Program. We will get compensation if we send visitors to the merchants. These types of affiliate programs are rare and usually relatively small in commission.

f. New Program activated in this month (or any other month).
We can also choose to display merchants or affiliate program that active in particular month.

g. Program exclusive to the ShareASale Network
If we click this link, it will display merchants or affiliate programs that only exclusive in ShareASale. Sometimes a merchant join some affiliate network for promoting their products or services.

h. Basic Keyword Search
If we click this link, we would see a box. Here we can type the keyword of the merchant or the product we can to know.

i. Advances Search
We could search merchant with various criteria.

Step 3. Sign up to the merchant you want to promote
Before you promote or join with a merchant, don't forget to read the TOS (Terms of Agreement). After that, select the merchant, click Start Program. If there are merchants that display enroll in the program, that's mean you have joined in the merchant.

Step 4. Write your marketing strategy in promoting them
This will affect whether you will be accepted or not. Tell them what strategy you want to use, PPC or SEO.

After that mark I have read and agree to the Program Agreement for Affiliates. Click to join the program. You will recieve an email that show whether our application is accepted or not. Usually when our application is rejected, most likely because we do not a website that is relevant to the product of the merchants. To increase the probability of our receipt, please add all of some of your website to your account in ShareASale.

Go to main menu, select Account setting, then click edit account setting. Scroll down to find the form fields to add a website. All of our website will be visible by the merchants' affiliate. It will be a consideration whether our website relevant to the merchant or not. Added our portofolio website, will help us to be accepted in many merchants.

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Sunday, December 7, 2008

How to be an Affiliate in ShareASale

Shareasale is one of the most popular affiliate network. In Shareasale there are many merchants (over 2000) who plugged to the ShareASale network. Each of these merchant in ShareASale has a different type of product. So we can choose which merchant that suitable for us. Our goal is bring customers to the merchants and they will give us commission if there are sales.

Having our own website is one of the requirements for applying to ShareASale. The website become the criteria whether our application is accepted or not. For the registration process, go to ShareASale website, sign up for join as an affiliate.

Step 1. Please fill in
a. Create your username
b. Create your password
c. What country do you live in
Move on to step 2

Step 2. Please fill in your main website.
This is very important step. Merchants will see this information when we apply for their program. Give your best website, the main website and the complete one which can show a general idea of what kind of promotion work we do. This website will identify our business and we must have and operate at least one website in order to create an Affilate Account at
After that move on to step 3.

Step 3. If you choose Express application process, fill in your email which using the domain name of your main website.
If you choose standard application process, you can use an alternate email address. But it is preferable if you can provide an email that is listed on your domain's WHOIS record.
Move on to step 4.
Then you need to confirm that you can receive email from that email address and that is your correct email address.

Step 4. Fill in your contact information, such as:
- Your first name and your last name
- Make check payable to
- Contact phone, address, address 2, city, state / province, zip or portal code, province, country.

Please provide a brief description (less than 240 characters) of your site / your marketing plans that will help individual merchants make decision about your application to their programs.
Then choose My site is NOT an incentive program. For domain ownership choose I verify that I own the domain.
Click move on to step 5 - Final Step.

Step 5. Please choose whether your check will be sent via regular mail (free) or FedEx (charge of $75 per check). Then click complete signup.

Step 6. Click I agree

Step 7. ShareASale signup confirmation. Click the following link to confirm the registration in ShareASale.
Check your email. There will be an email that describes the confirmation process has been successful.
In the email you can see your username, password, no ID Shareasale, and the URL to log into the affiliate area

The registration process is completed. Applications will be checked by the Shareasale and we will know whether our application is recieved or not after 1 day.
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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Tips for Choosing a Good Merchant

If we join affiliate network marketing such as Shareasale, Commission Junction, Paydotcom, Clickbank , etc, there are so many merchant in those affiliate network. So, how do we know which ones are good? Here are the tips how to choose a good merchant that is suitable for our need:

1. Look at the display of merchant website
Is it an amateur website or a professional website? If you were a consumer, would you buy product from the website? Usually people would buy from the website that can be trusted, a profesional-looking appearance.

2. Navigation Structure
Is the menu clear enough and could navigate visitor? People tend to leave website with confusing navigator, unless the product is only sold by the merchant. is an example of website with good navigation.

3. Ordering Process
Is the ordering process easy? If the ordering process is complex, most people will be confused and would cancel the purchase. We also should know what payments are offered by the merchant.

4. Good conversion rate
Merchant with good conversion rate means many visitor came to the merchant website and bought the product. The higher conversion rate the better the merchant.

Usually conversion rate is calculated based on 100 visitor sent to the merchant site. How many percent visitors became custumers and how many sales that occurred. This figure is called EPC. In Shareasale and Commission Juction we could see the EPC numbers. This can provide whether the merchant has a good conversion rate or not.

High EPC means many visitors who is sent to the merchant website, mostly by the products. But we also have to see the average value of the products. Usually merchants who sell cheap products but high EPC, will have good conversion rate.

In Clickbank we see the number gravity. In Paydotcom we see APS. Both gravity and APS show us whether the product is popular product purchase or not. The calculation were different from EPC and convertion rate, but the gravity number anda APS also help us choose the good merchant.

5. Testimonials
Testimonials can improve the conversion rate. If there are many interesting testimonials, especially with the names and photos, visitors will be more confident to buy products from the merchant.

6. Merchant Reputation
Merchant reputation comes from the experience of a group of people who buy from the merchant. The more customers are satisfied, the better the reputation of the merchant, and also vice versa.
For in-house affiliate program, we need to be more careful in selecting a merchant. We should check the reputation. Make sure there is no negative news from the merchant both from the affiliate site or from the customer side.

7. When and how is the payment
Don't forget to learn when and how is the payment. Some merchants will give us the commission if we could sell the product at certain sales. Some other merchants will give us the commision after the commission reach the minimal payment.
The time of payment the commission is also important, espesially if we use paid traffic such as PPC. If the payment is too long, our cash flow will be disrupted.
If we do not match with the merchants' procedures and conditions, do not select the merchant to promote.

8. The time of cookies
Most of people do not buy product directly when they visited the website at the first time. Usually people need time, they see the other products then choose which one is the best or suitable for them. After that they decide to buy. Therefore, the time of cokies stored in our computer is the important thing. Some merchant only give us a few days, the others give us quite a long time. So we need to know the time of cookies.

10. How many commission the merchant will give us
Merchant who give large commission is not certainly better than the merchant who give smaller commission. Product with a great commission but poor in quality, would not in accordance with the market need. Conversely, although the commission is not too big, but if the product is high demand and popular, the total commission can be much greater.
If we use PPC to bring the visitor, we need to know the approximate cost of the main product keyword sold by the merchant. If the keyword too expensive with a small commission, it will be difficult to us to make a profitable campaign.

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